Oral tradition is part of every culture’s development. Mine was no exception.

I grew up in a small but diverse family with very different backgrounds. Sharing stories about our ancestors was the norm in our family gatherings.

Little did I know then that something that started as a pastime would eventually turn into my passion, my profession….

A pen, a notepad, and a daily deadline to meet.

The first stories I ever shared professionally were in the form of news and feature stories. For nearly five years, I worked as a journalist in my native country of Spain.

Being a staff writer allowed me to reach a wide audience every day. It was then when, for the first time, I realized the impact my words had on people’s lives.

There wasn’t a single day that would pass by without someone repeating a phrase I’d written in one of my articles. They’d say them as statements. Facts.

What I wrote each day mattered to people, and I liked knowing I was making an impact with my stories.

“As a journalist, I realized I had to choose my words wisely to have a positive impact on people and reach a desirable outcome from each article I wrote.”

While covering an official’s visit was crucial for career advancement, the stories that I particularly enjoyed writing were those that aimed to help someone in need.

Good story telling is powerful. So much so it will drive people to action.

It’s fascinating, isn’t it?

A leap of faith: Starting anew in the United States.

In 2010 I made a bold decision that changed the course of both my personal and professional lives.

Amidst the worst economic crisis our world was facing since the crack of 1929, I decided to pack my bags, quit a stable job, cross the pond and start a new life in California.

Knowing I wouldn’t be able to work as a journalist here, I enrolled in an Advertising program with UCLA.

My perception on story telling changed forever because of this program.

Understanding how humans operate, and applying content marketing strategies that will speak to their their needs through valuable messages has become my life’s purpose.

“A powerful message will turn a skeptic into a raving fan of your product or service.

That’s the magic of learning how to effectively communicate with your potential customers. That’s the magic of a well executed content marketing strategy”.

Are YOU ready for the challenge?

For nearly a decade now I have been implementing the knowledge and experience I have gained by working with my clients.

My goal is to provide the tools you need to help you and your business thrive.

Together, we will work on implementing strategies that will resonate with your audience and ultimately drive more sales to your business.